Thursday, March 18, 2010

I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!

people say love is pure, love is blind,love is fair,love is unfair,
love enhances oneself or spoils oneself;but i haven't experincd nythn.
my feelings hav not b chnged nor am i. i am still the same guy who
cries watchin any romantic movie,who abuses the indian bowlers
if they are struck for boundaries,who spends useless hours on the
net just refreshing his scrap book....but there is something that ensures
an immense contenment inside me.i am not mad in love,but i love somebody madly.

it's not dat am never sad or negativities dont shoot me cuz am in luv.....
it's not dat i don giva damn bout this world cuz am in's not
dat i am not affected by the jeers of this world.....but it's just dat i have
a very very special person on this planet, after talking to whom all my
pains are sublimated,i become abnormally rejeuvenated and
satisfied.My life has been touched 2 da core,and there is a big

difference in me which only i can realize.
I am in love;"i" am in love and 'i' love to be in love!!!''

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