Friday, September 16, 2011

Younger sibling syndrome!

My bro is 5 years younger to me. Being the youngest member, he is the one who make rules, break rules and amend the same as per his requirement. His pls don hit me bro face and fake tears are the best ominous weapon he possesses with perfect skill to use the same with precise alacrity.he is such a girl!!
Issues we have:

To be frank, other than sharing the same set of parents, we hardly share anything else or have anything in common.If I and my brother are talking, it barely takes 10 min for turmoil to start. Thanks to our creativity that we always come up with new topic to fight. Trust me, even in selecting a topic to fight, we can have a fight. Now, I am gonna throw some light on the topics we have quarrelled:

• Who will sit in the front seat of the car?
• Who will take the window seat in the train?
• Who will take the new double-rack poppeye pencil box to school which I (note this) have seen first and purchased from the market?
• Why it’s always butter scotch flavour and not chocolate flavour ice cream that is brought in at home?
• He loves beans curry and I love brinjal. No point in guessing what is cooked more regularly.
• Why Pok√©mon on TV , Inuyasha (some Japanese shit which my timid brain failed to comprehend) and not Live cricket?
• Last point repeated…WHYYYYYYYYYY?
Sometimes, I just feel we have more number of issues than probably, India and Pakistan have..........

Blackmailing skills: If ever, there were a noble prize in blackmailing; he would have been winning it for last 15 years undisputedly. He has such a photographic memory that whenever he wants something from me which I am not accepting, he will just open the account book of my life, would pick up one unfavourable ghastly mistake that I did before (say even a decade back)and the next moment, he will pretend to stomp towards mom mumbling that today he s gonna reveal everything. Next scene: His foot, my face

Remember, I got one New Year greeting card from one girl (who was not even my girlfriend) which he somehow, discovered. The next thing I remember is for the next 2-3 weeks he made me do all his maths and science homework and along with that he compelled me to watch all those stupid animes with him. Condition applied: he won’t tell it to mom.
Acting Skills: I bet 20 on 10. Whenever he is losing any argument (very rare event indeed, you have better chances of seeing Haley’s comet than to see my brother loosing), he will gradually drag the venue of fight near to the place where my mom is sitting and henceforth either of the two under-mentioned casemay ensue

1. Suddenly, within a minute, he will fall down and start crying with REAL if i had beaten him up or something...out of nowhere u will also find bruises and some parts swollen(that is still a mystery)
2. He somehow brings me inside the hullaballoo as a result of which the whole focus is shifted to me.
In either case, it’s Game Over for me. My mom will lambast me thereafter while my brother in the back ground continues winking at me.
One incident I would like to quote
Once, I complained my mom that bro always compels me to do his homework. My mom thereafter started berating him. After couple of minutes,
My bro (with teary-weary eyes): you always scold me for minute things but never scold ronack no matter what he does.
Mom: what did he do?
bro: I don’t know, ask him only to whom he was talking to last night at 2, you won’t censure him for this but if I ask him to do my homework once in a blue moon(make it 5 days a week), I will be criticized like I am the one responsible for 9-11…..
Within a fraction of second, the focal point shifts and ultimately, I am the one over which the sinister flash light is now aimed. Needless to mention, next half an hour gets wasted in convincing, pleading and begging my mom that nothing like this happened.

Biased role of parents: it’s an unwritten law. Parents always take the side of the youngest; here I will cite some of the incidents that will stamp the afore-mentioned belief. •Whenever I am going for college, I use to ask my dad “are you coming to to drop me at the stop?” Dad simply replies” why?? can’t you go alone, you are grown up now, manage yourself , when my bro is returning from his school, “Dad, calls him up and tells don go home walkin beta its not send the car!! 
• When I asked my dad for a phone, I almost gave a power point presentation on the topic “why I need a phone” giving instances of the usage of messages, e-books, software etc. In case of my bro, he just said that he can’t ask for his friends phone (in school) again and again whenever he wants to make a call . Within 3 days, he had one as compared to 2 months in my case.
• I got “4 in 1” video game cassette (remember those days??) that had games like “Aladdin” and “super mario” in it after I scored a distinction in my 9th exams. My bro got a Sony Hi-Fi after he got 80 in the same.
• Whenever we are having an argument, my mom will support my brother, henceforth, he eventually wins. Trust me, I have even lost a debate “who is more important, School Principal or Prime Minister” even though I supported Prime Minister.

THE OTHER SIDE: the good side. I guess I have to accept the fact that it was complete fun growing up with him....he is nice ,smart and everyone in my family likes him.’’ he knows he enjoys some extra privilege and some extra freedom from my parents but deep inside I knowif I would have been in the place of my parents, I would have done the same.....he lightens everyone’s mood no matter what we are going through. His foolish mistakes, stupid talks and lamest excuses can make you burst in laughter.
And most importantly, he is a wonderful bro.
Following are few set of incidents that I will cite once again (To readers, please hold your patience; it’s almost the last paragraph).

• Many times, he signed my report card, thanks to his incredible talent of replicating my dad’s signature.
• He would happily and elegantly draw all the diagrams in my bio practical notebook without any fuss.
• He helped me memorize all the answers of history, civics, geography (and even maths and science) during board exams.
• He made bournvita(lately coffeee) for me million times at mid night whenever I ask for....and food whenever my parents left outta town...
• Loved the way he convinced dad that why I should have a phone, repeated the same when I needed a laptop.
• Whenever sweets are distributed in school, he will bring few for me for sure.

I guess if I continue penning down every incident, I may end up writing till eternity. All I can say, loosing against him every single time was something that enthralled me. I feel amazed the way he acclimatizes to new place and then never complaining about the changes. I feel honoured the way he started to understand his responsibilities much before I did.
PS: , sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero....the fight is still on!!! :D