Wednesday, March 31, 2010

engineerin...not so easy

Every morning in Africa, a deer wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed.Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest deer or it will starve to death.
It doesn't matter if you are a lion or a deer. When the sun comes up, you better start running.

Guys,welcome to computer science engineering department. Daily classes from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. kept us running only.Every morning, I wake up cursing the ever punctual sun and then my mom and the bus driver da last few months (sahithi) in-charge took that honor.Even then,no matter when I wake up,I always reach late.Sometimes searching for the wallet,notebook(and not notebookS),socks and trust me sometimes I do wear different color combination of socks in utter frustration.

Engineerin was damn hap.An exquisite mix of students of all states.Seeing different languages varying from hindi,telugu,bengali to marathi, and tamil diverse living style of everyone in a single campus was altogether a complete different experience.Perhaps,this was the best thing that I liked being in engg.You can see the cultures flowing in and out there.In just a month or so,the feeling of being a hindi or telugu or tamil, bengali etc. was dissolved.No matter of all the differences we had,there were few things that were common in all of us.
1. we all curse the professors
2. we all hate to wake up early
3. we all(almost) were prompt to bunk classes.

The reason why i wrote "almost" was because of the guys like rahul who was always into classes like a dog is always into bones.Bunking for him was a sin, a ticket to hell.The almost topper of our department had all the "nakhdas" of being the superior.Just like a superhit actress in bollywood.This guy believed in just one theory of his"A friend in need is not a friend of his".

Classes technically were boring.I remember the cycloids drawing classes and trust me,I really suck big time in visualizing the 3D image of anything.Cmon,drawing triangular mountains and a circular sun on a chart paper took 17 years of mine,how come the perfection in 3D view come in just one semester.Classes on planes and solid geometry added the last nail in the coffin.Stress-strain curves added stress on my mind and strain in my fingers.Still,whatever be the situation,how boring be the classes,there was fun all around.
All I can say"the road to success is always under construction"


  1. nice nice makes sense!I liked the running part in the beginning

  2. Nice one mate!!! Its funny!!

  3. this is better than anything they teach in class!

  4. i like your style or writing..:D