Thursday, February 4, 2010


I was walking down an abandoned street..The street was rugged and showed no traces of human presence..It was dusty and seemed to be untouched for a long time..In fact I wondered if it existed in reality..As I carefully laid steps on the rugged path, I suddenly tripped over something that I thought to be a stone..I took a closer look at what it was..I was baffled when I saw its true shape after dusting it..It was a lamp that was studded with precious stones that glittered like gold..A voice within me suggested to swipe it..I acted as per instinct and did so..I was spell bound to see a gigantic figure in front of me..I wondered, Was this really a genie or was I dreaming about Aladdin??..I asked the mystic fellow, "Are you the genie in the lamp??"..He replied, "Yes my lord!!..Make a wish and it shall be fulfilled"..Oh my gosh wtf is this..I replied,"Okay, fine Mr.genie..Take me into my past, Then I shall believe your words".."Your wish is my command", the genie said and asked me to shut my eyes..

I did so and opened my eyes after a minute ..Surprisingly, I was looking at myself when I was just nine..I time travelled to an incident that happened in my 4th std..A bull sized classmate of mine called Koushik was bullying me..He wished to test his strength,So he started kicking me with his brand new bata shoes..A patient-me tolerated his rupture until a girl in my class giggled, looking at him like an action hero and looking at me like a chamcha to a villian..Unexpectedly, there was an adrenaline rush..In a split second, I gave a hard punch on his face with my puny fist just like how Popeye beats Bluto after eating spinach..and moved aside staring at the girl with I should have convinced her that it is the heroes who get beaten by the villian first..:)

Beep beep..The scene changed..I was drifted back into the time when I was 13..I was playing carroms with my dad..We were playing best of five match..I lost the first..I lost the second..Finally I lost third game too..I was looking at my 13 yr old self loosing cool for losing the game..I pushed the board aside, threw the coins away and started yelling at my dad, "Dad!! I dont care if you are the one who taught me carroms, I dont even care that you are my loving dad..What matters is you are my opponent..Losing to an opponent is like dying with shame.." I screamed and went into my room..Oh my gosh..What the f*** did I speak..I was seeing all my past happening..Anger always makes me behave like an animal..Before I could say sorry to dad, the scene faded..

Now, I was looking at my 17 yr old self..I was travelling home from college in a metro liner..It was 11.00 am sharp and I got a phone call..Talking on the phone, I got down the bus and started moving towards home..Finally, I reached home at 11.40 after keeping snail's pace..My granny asked me if I was hungry..I said,"ila ila(no no) I am busy"..The clocked then showed 12.45..I was still on phone and my granny asked me again for lunch..The blabbering continued..Finally, my granny lovably scolded me at 3.30 for not having lunch..I cut the call and told,"My dear lovely granny!!..I am preparing for IIT you know..There are lot of things to be discussed on phone dear.."Poor thing..Such a lovable granny she was..She believed what I said..For atleast a minute longer I wished to see my deceased granny again..Even before I could complete the wish..The scene faded..

Now I was expecting for an other scene from my past but to my surprise I gotta kick on my butt from my friend..He politely said, "Wake up lazy bones!!..cut off your f***ing day dream..We have a lab to attend.."