Thursday, February 4, 2010

MY FIRST LOVE.............

Sometimes when I think about that golden period,
around a decade back, when I was just a hebetudinous idiot.
In class 7th I was, just engrossed in books
love and romance, far away from their hooks.

Then in my class, came this ravishing girl,
mesmerized everyone like a scintillating pearl.
Her every svelte move amassed enormous attention.
My word!!! She was like heaven's priceless possession.

Soon she got the deserved "celebrity" stardom,
Flattering bozos trying hard to make an impression.
For a guy like me who was just a face in the crowd
she simply seems to be out of destination.

Then one day, she came to my seat
asked me…if I am not wrong, Are you ronack?
Flying high, I replied YES
asked my fellow, has sun rose from the west?

She continued, can u lend me your history sheets
but, I didn’t listen what she speaks
her brown hazel eyes had done the trick
alluring, sensual with a touch of mischief.

Yes, sure, sure yes..I stammered like hell,
can’t help...she was the princess of damsel.
Every other guy was jealous cum horrified,
what plot did this jerk has employed.

Geez!!I had a big crush on that bonny beauty
childhood love, they are pure, free from treachery
can’t forget those maiden sleepless nights
still, must confess, it was like a memorable misery.

Time played a role and so did the fate.
Her dad posted then to a different place
years we didn’t talked we didn’t nattered
my binding crush, finally tattered.

Then few years later, I did manage a call
her voice hypnotized me like a Christmas snowfall
blushed, she revealed without a clue
trust me Ronack, I HAD a crush on you

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  1. woaah..!! I absolutely loveeee this!!!! so amazing..! as usual..funny and yet it brings out a lot of emotion..a story beautifully told :)