Thursday, February 4, 2010


Back when I was a playful 8 year old,Back whenI remember the pain that I saw on your face when I hurt myself falling down..I

  • I remember the money that u gave me secretly for eating ice candies..
  • I remember the way u protected me from dad's anger when I broke the brand new television set that was expensive..
  • I remember the way u fought with me for the television remote to see the daily serials when I was watching cartoons..
  • I remember the warmth of hiding under your rug when I got less marks and u lied to dad that I was sleeping..
  • I remember the way u forgived me when I raised my arm and bet u..
  • I remember the way you poured excess of ghee into dal saying that my wife would leave me if I dont eat ghee..
  • I remember how safe I felt when u were around me..
  • I remember the happiness in your eyes when I told you about my success in tenth std board examinations..
  • I remember the way u boasted about my talents to the neighbors around the home..
  • I remember the excellent taste of the pickles that u made..
  • I remember the way you praised me for my dancing skills..
  • I remember how u consoled me when I flunked badly in my intermediate course..
  • I remember the way u kept pestering me to eat food when I was talking on phone for hours together..
  • I remember the fear in your eyes when u advised me not to go deep into spirituality..
  • I remember how u joked at me asking whether I would marry a tamil or telugu gurl.
  • I remember how u faced the change of phase in life so boldly..
  • I remember how u pretended to be alright even though u weren't at the best of your health..
  • I remember how u tried to give the best for us even though u were experiencing pain..
  • I remember how boldly u faced the pain of spilling blood when I was worried that no-one was at home..
  • I remember how ur heart was getting weakened..
  • I remember the pain that ur body felt when u were given very high dosage of medicines..
  • I remember the pain that u felt when the doctors pierced the needle in ur neck unable to catch a nerve in the hand..
  • I remember ur helpless state when u asked me to sit beside u, holding my hand tight..
  • I remember the pain that I felt when u asked me whether u would go to heaven or hell..
  • I remember the helpless fear of death in ur eyes..
  • I remember the last words u said to me,"Listen to what mom and dad say..Go after life and hunt for what u want..U should become famous and do remember ur granny"..

My dear granny!!..I wonder in which world you are..My eyes are wet..I wish u can listen to my silent scream..I MISS U AND I LOVE U TONNES


  1. Dude,,I swear to god this is beautiful..U made me cry!!!

  2. The simple love and the flow of words...SIMPLY AMAZING...*bows*

  3. dude! why am I feeling like its my granny ur talking about? I crying

  4. So heartfelt..!! very beautiful :)