Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Aim: To rescue yourself from a traumatising phenomenon known as Boredom.

Apparatus Required: Any random stuff..trust me anything can be of use in such extreme scenarios!

Theory: Boredom is an emotional state experienced during periods lacking activity or when individuals are uninterested in the activities surrounding them.


  • Get rid off Facebook and Orkut for the following day.
  • Clean your room and do your laundary. If you normally don't then your mother is sure to appreciate this.
  • Make a movie. The worse the movie the better is the fun experienced. Well am not against a good movie though!
  • Make a call to any random number. The most tried and tested method. Guranteed to work wonders every time ;)
  • Rent a Tushar Kapoor movie for total entertainment [do i even need to say any more!? :D]
  • Teach your dog new tricks, if you dont have one teach your siblings the same. [works for me!]
  • Get a makeover. If u already look like a beauty pagent winner GREAT! call me [applicable only for gurls].
  • Go to a temple/mosque/church. Who knows, maybe you will learn something!
  • Listen to music [I cannot come up with any..m bored!! :O]
  • Visit 'www.bored.com' [I sware to God am not making this up]
  • Start a blog. [cool eh!? :P]

Result: Well I did manage to pass my time!! All the best with yours though. hehe :P


  • While calling up strangers avoid numbers such as 100, 919 etc.
  • In case of non availability of Tushar Kapoor movies, Aap Ka Suroor can be used as a replacement.
  • Avoid teaching tricks to your parents in case of non availability of siblings.
  • If the makeover does bring you any where close to megan fox then calling the creator of this blog is a must!


  1. What a post dude!!! Specially liked da Tushar Kapoor or app ka Suroor part!!! Hillarious post! Gud job!

  2. tht was tooooo creative...gr8 job!