Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Exactly 24 hrs prior to this time, this is what was happening to me:

An average day in the life of an average human. *yawn* *yawn*
I had slept all evening, like four hours, and I was left with absolutely nothing to do that night. Nothing really to study, I was done with everything [am a good gUY you see ;)] , nothing fascinating on t.v except for of course the Rakhi Sawant news about which off to glory go the 'sabse tez' news channels in India and also nothing really ammusing to read as well. So, here I was doing what I am best at- nothing ! Next thing I do- doze off [ an only expected action]. Thanks to all my beloved friends, the tiny mosquitoes who never give me a chance to miss them, am up again continuing my previous action, what was it again? that's right, nothing! Alas! I called off for the day, tucking myself into my quilt, Bob Marley in the background I was in for some serious headbanging in the dreamland :) Practicing the daily ritual- 'the last look at Facebook'- it was finally time to give up! Suddenly, I felt a peaceful but rather disturbing feeling. I was aware that something was not right. OMG! My bed was rocking !!!! WHAT!!?? Now how on earth would that happen !?!? YES! It was a freaking earthquake !! 'Mother nature rocking your crib'..well doesn't seem very motherly to me!! :O I wasn't sure if this really was happening as I am on high medication already except for a fact that it really WAS! ' No woman no cry' of sudden started to sound a lot more like 'Rape me' :O :O ' This probably is the wind' I thought [that's right, am an idiot] but the rocking grew more and more intense. ' I think my phone is vibrating' [did I mention that am an idiot?] but no it wasn't. HOLYCRAP!!! RUN!! Seemed like a brick crash into my stomach. Trying immensely hard to clutch on to the wall I sighted the most astonishing view ever- my facewash dancing on the concavity !! I know it doesn't sound all that astonishing but believe me IT WAS! 'Earthquake in Gujrat happened on 26th Jan [republic day] , tsunami on 26th Dec [around Christmas] and now with Independence Day round the corner, why does it always happen on national holidays!?' I thought [idiot! that's me]. Even before i could scream out for mum and dad it stopped. PHEW! So I let them sleep. Imagine a young guy facing this sort of a trauma at such an early age!! *applause* :D The first thing I did, call my brodher to confirm if he was alive. Apparently he is. Still do I wonder, did i enjoy it? did i not? but sure I do know one thing for a fact it was quite some experience! Not that my life flashed before my eye but i do value life a little more now. Thank You Earthquake ! ;)

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