Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Well, these were just a few tweets that I came across. And I'm sure there would be a millions showing their shock over this award. Nobel is losing the status it once had.

I'd like to throw some light on why this controversy has arisen. There are a few points behind it :
  • The nominations were due to the Nobel committee on Feb 1. Mr Obama took the office on Jan 20. So what Obama-ji did in 264 hours wins him the prestigious award !!
  • The committee cast their votes in June. Even at that time, four months of Obama's steps (or rather ideas) towards world peace and nuclear proliferation were so great that they won him a Nobel !
  • Even if we take the time of the declaration, which happens to be 9 months after becoming the US Prez, its a very short period for someone to receive such an honour.
If someone can win a Nobel just on the basis of how much can he talk about world peace (rather than work for it), I think our very own Mahesh Bhatt and Rakhi Sawant (with due respect to both) should concentrate on 'world peace' and 'nuclear proliferation' instead of poking their nose in every other matter. That could win them a Nobel. ;)

I do not hate Obama. In fact, I preferred Obama over John McCain to be the US President. I just feel that he, at this point of time, does not deserve the Nobel.

Lets have a look at Obama's failures (towards world peace) :

  • Pakistan continues to get US Aid (and that too tripled) even after suspicious links of the Pakistan Army and ISI with the terrorists.
  • Failed attempts to curb the activities of Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  • US Army still there in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Failed to stop Iran and North Korea's nuclear programmes.
  • Delay in releasing Guantenamo prisoners.
With this award to Obama, the prestigious Norwegian Nobel prize has lost its credibility. I call this a cruelty to the Peace Prize. Still, Congrats Obama-ji !!!

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