Sunday, October 4, 2009

Neeta goes through Krish’s case file and reads out an excerpt; “patient has sleep deprivation, has cut off human contact for a week, refuses to eat, has Google-searched on best ways to commit suicide.” She even utters the word curd rice, prodding him. He breaks down and banters racist remarks towards the south Indian. Neeta like any good physiatrist (or psycho as referred to) prompts him to start from the root cause – the first meet.

And this is how Chetan Bhagat with the tagline “the biggest selling english language novelist in India’s history – New York Times” unveiled the cover page and prologue of his fourth novel through internet, a rom-com with more stress on com this time around, retracing his path from a serious writer that he had established through “The three mistakes of my life”, to his “Five point someone” days; more so, as this again is based on his life (no the IIT days), but the love between a north Indian and a south Indian.

Chetan, who has always tried to imbibe a lot of positive energy through his intentionally simple writing style; which has till now explored the complex world through his characters horizontally; avoiding the grey shades, sets out to take us through the lives of Krish and Ananya from their first meet till they succeed in marriage by convincing their orthodox families and making them like each other in what might prove to be a comedy of errors that would end in a happily ever after, interspersed with a message; the message a guy surrounded by a cloud representing the state of Punjab attempting to connect with a girl surrounded by the cloud of Tamil Nadu wants to give through “ 2 States – the story of my marriage” this Diwali.

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