Wednesday, October 14, 2009

publicity stunts!!!

I need to do something to make this blog popular. And I have decided to choose one of the following options.

1) Throw a shoe whose sole is emblazoned with my blog url at a V V I P. It will earn me the respect of fellow countrymen, besides increasing the number of hits to my blog.

2) Get detained, on purpose, at an airport for questioning and kick up a fuss about it. Oh wait. I am not travelling by air anytime soon. How about getting detained at a bus stop?

3) Hold a swayamvar or swayamnari or whatever it is called when a man is choosing a wife.

4) Write a book praising any of the past or present politicians. It’ll kick up a worlwide debate and within days my book will be the number one bestseller and my blog will have the maximum number of visits.

5) Go and punch a few pub-going girls.

6) Just die while bathing. People will realise that they have lost a great legend and my blog will get popular. My name will be the most searched on google. My possessions (including my glittery, but moth-eaten socks) will be auctioned off for millions. But wait, I am not as famous as Michael Jackson. Yet.

Any suggestions as to which would be the best option? Or have you got any ideas of your own? Please tell me. It will be a BIG help!

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