Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Everyone who follows BLOG THIS WAY knows that I,ronack.s is having the most dreadful nightmare in the life of a student (read :: exams) from 2nd november (man... just four weeks away !! gotta start studying..). I know I need not mention this again and again. But I'm doing it to make myself aware that exams are approaching, and I need to set my ass on fire NOW !!

Well... every student knows that during exam time, even the most boring stuff seems very interesting. I'm not from Mars or Pluto or for that matter any other planet, and so its normal for me to do the same things as a typical student does during exams. For example - watching TV, even repeat telecasts of shows and games seen before, surfing the net, chatting, etc etc etc.

No wonder I even watched the replay of India versus Pakistan hockey match. But India rocked !! Awesome match it was. And Sandeep Singh was simply brilliant.

Look I told you... During the exams, we like to waste our time... err... ("kill our time" suits better... isn't it?)... we like to kill our time doing the weirdest of the things.

I spend a lot of tim
e on the internet ! and of course special thanks to my lovely network provider vodafone for reasons not to be mentioned here... ). As I said, I spend a lot of time surfing social networking sites, blogs, commenting, updating my status, and of course, chatting !

In my view, the most difficult question to answer while chatting to a friend is "Wassup??"

Frankly speaking, I never know what to answer. At times, taking the literal meaning of the slang, I stare
towards the ceiling for a few seconds and end up with silly answers like fan, wall mounted AC, chandelier, etc. And sometimes, I mention the manufacturer too. Hang on.... hang on !! I'm not as stupid as you guys think !

Well, to the million dollar billion dollar question, WASSSSSSUP? that is, I try a few permutations and combinations based on my mood, the kind of friend I'm talking to, and a few more conditions :

1) Hi. What are you doing?? :)
And the reply I get is : "Chatting with you.... :D... So wassup??"

2) Hi. Had lunch (or breakfast, or dinner, supper etc.)...??
To which I get the reply : "Yup.. So wassup? U had lunch (or breakfast, or dinner, supper etc. ) ?"
If I reply "Yes...", I get this really irritating counter-question "What did you have?"... And I hate to discuss what and how much I eat...

3) Hi. preparing for the exams... (and I send this only during exams...)
For this I get a reply : "Y u always talking abt studies??? itna bhi mat padh yaar... lol :D.. so temme.. wassup??"

These were just a few of them, there are many of these. No matter what you try, you will always be stuck in an infinite loop of "Wassup?"

And after much research over this faltoo, errr... million dollar question, I found out a middle path, which has been a safe path so far (almost !). All I do is say the following GOLDEN words :

NM (short for Nothing Much)... U say... wassup wid u?

And hence, I get out of the infinite loop, leaving the friend stuck in his/her own trap infinite loop of "Wassup?"


Okay... Now you tell me what do you usually reply to "Wassup??"


PS : Studying schedule keeps getting postponed. I guess I really need a pandit to get my studies started as per some muhurat so that I manage to clear my exams.

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  1. I end up sending a lame reply too.. NM is the best reply to this! And yes, this was quite a post as I myself don't know what to reply to this "wassup".. good post!