Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Most of you might believe there's nothing difficult in it, but its like a terrible nightmare for me ! But i did gave it a try four days back. Though i have also experienced 24hrs without a mobile a month back, but that time i had the alternative of my daddi's cell. This time i decided not to touch any cellphone for complete 48hrs.

It was 3 late at night, i switched off my mobile ! It was a strange feeling, i never had switched off my mobile purposely. But before that i had made sure that there were no "To Do's " or calender entries in my next two days schedule. I had kept my cell on my side table. And continued surfing online with the idea to forget that i ever had a mobile. Within few hours i slept, so night went fine.

Next day, yawning and half in sleep i picked my cell to see the time. Then i suddenly remembered about my "two days without mobile thing". So i locked the cell in my almira so that i couldn't repeat the same mistake again. This thing made me realise i had no clock in my room, i was watching the time throughout these years either through my mobile or laptop. So the 1st thing i did was setting a clock in my room. Morning went fine, but the afternoon was not...calls from my dad, cousins, friends..on my landline all shouting why the hell is your mobile switched off. I gave a common reply to all "some techincal defect with my cellone.." Friends had planned for a evening movie. This time i didnt had the option to add alarm for the movie in my cell, so my brain cells had to alarm me this time. Rest of the day went smooth as most of the people who wanted to contact me called me on landline. And surprizingly by evening i also remembered about the movie which i had doubt on myself. So the day ended fine. But at 1 at night i desperately missed my cell. As i used to have chats with some close buddies. So i decided to go online and luckily i found most of them online on Gtalk. Ahh what a relief.., did the faltu (useless) talks !! And went off to sleep early that day.

Second day, actually went very good. Seriously speaking i didnt had imagined myself to be so comfortable without my cell but definitely i was. Though throughout these two days i used to keep touching the pockets of my trousers, which i think i had a habbit of doing, checking all the time for any missed calls or sms's. But it was a different feeling this time, whatever it was it was a good one.

It was 3 late at night; 48 hours completed.

87 messages (max were the usual fwd msgs)
34 missed call alerts

And most importantly
an ausumn xperience :D


  1. Well, its true.. that staying away from cell is a kinda strange experience..I have tried it too!! Or rather was forced to..My mom tuk da cell to Delhi..I had alerted all my pals not to msg for a week..But wen I got it bak..I had loads of msgs!! But staying away from cell is hard no doubt..Nice post!!

  2. lol...: v all do spend more tym (dan reqd) on it...vid it..:) dats y u feel vry incomplete widout it :D